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Exceeding Your Expectations


Field Services

Our award-winning field crew has the experience necessary to safely and effectively manage a variety of environmental field services including:
Acid neutralization system management.
Facility cleanouts and warehouse closures.
Confined space entry.
Sample collection, analysis and unknown drum QC.
Response services.
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Hazardous Waste Management

Environmental regulations can be lengthy and complex. DCS employees have the knowledge and experience to ensure your hazardous waste needs are handled properly. We safely manage the following materials:
Industrial/manufacturing wastes such as paint, solvents, acids and bases, oily debris.
Universal and electronic waste such as bulbs, ballasts, computers and batteries.
Recyclable chemicals such as freon, solvents, scrap metals and precious metals (Resource Recovery).
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Labpack Services

Over the years, DCS has become recognized as one of the finest lab pack firms on the east coast. Our staff works on a daily basis with our laboratory clientele, managing such diverse projects as:
Laboratory cleanouts and legacy waste removal.
High hazard chemical handling and unknown identification.
Spill response and cleanup operations.
Laboratory relocation.
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Regulatory Compliance Training Services and Auditing

DCS recognizes that each customer faces their own unique obstacles to on-going compliance. We create a partnership with each client to address and achieve regulatory compliance. Our services include:
Facility audits.
Completion of regulatory paperwork.
DOT/EPA and OSHA training.
Consultation with regulatory agencies.
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Specialty Waste Management

A variety of chemicals require special attention due to the present or overlapping regulations. DCS can untangle these regulations and safely manage the following materials:
Mercury, PCB's and dioxin bearing waste.
High hazard, reactive and explosive chemicals.
Biohazardous waste.
Pharmaceutical waste including chemotherapy drugs and DEA regulated compounds.
Radioactive and mixed wastes.
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